Camping and youth hostels

Overnight accommodation on the RheinSteig.

The success of a walking tour depends on a lot more than hiking boots, a rucksack and clothes: hikers also need to plan ahead to get a roof over their heads for the night.

Two low-cost overnight options are camping and youth hostels.


A list of camp sites near the RheinSteig is available to download here:

List of camp sites (PDF, 210 KB)

Youth hostels

Working with the youth hostels in the Rhineland-Palatinate and in Saarland, we have put together a list of selected youth hostels along the RheinSteig, available for download here:

List of youth hostels (PDF, 251 KB)

RheinSteig partner organisations

Here you can see all the 'hiker-friendly' registered RheinSteig partner organisations at a glance. Other organisations will follow

Overview of RheinSteig partner organisations (PDF German; 411 KB)